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Using Rasilient's Ticketing System
Tips on how to create a Trouble Ticket.

Include the following information:
  1. Rasilient's Model number of the system with the problem.
  2. Serial Number of the system.
  3. Description of the problem.
  4. Attach any screen captures or images to the Trouble Ticket.
  5. For event logs or system logs a separate method may have to be used depending on the size of the attachment. (files are limited to 8MB)
  • For ApplianceStor products (AS10, AS15, AS30...etc) the serial number is located on a sticker on the chassis.
  • For PixelStor products (PS5000 series, PS3000 series) the serial number is located at the rear of the chassis.
  1. After including the information above and clicking on the SUBMIT button, you are taken to the Knowledgebase page. DO NOT NAVIGATE AWAY FROM THIS PAGE. If you still want to submit the ticket, click on SUBMIT again. Failure to follow this procedure will cancel your ticket.
  2. Attachment file size is limited to 8MB.


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