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PixelStor SystemIP Description
PixelStor SystemIP Methodology

The primary method to connect to a virtual disk in the PixelStor storage array is the iSCSI Initiator. Whether in Windows or Linux, the concept remains the same. The PS3000 is used here as the example.

The iSCSI Initiator first uses the primary IP address of the PS3000 to establish an iSCSI connection to a virtual disk. The PS3000, in turn, will redirect the iSCSI connection onto a specific NIC on the controller that owns the VD. Subsequently, data is transfered between the host PC and the virtual disk using this second connection.

The primary IP address is referred to as the SystemIP address. This concept is used in order to simplify the connections to the virtual disks on the PixelStor storage array. Instead of having to specify individual NIC addresses on specific controllers, the iSCSI Initiator can be configured with one address only, the SystemIP, and the PixelStor storage array will automatically determine the NIC connectivity path for optimum performance.
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